World coin catalog 20th century 1901-2000


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Verlag Battenberg (47th edition 2020/2021), approx. 2300 pages, paperback, author: Gerhard Schön

First day of sale: end of October 2019

Further information

  • expanded and updated 47th edition 2020/2021
  • the coins of the 20th century separately in one volume

The mammoth work brought up to date: the only one
World coin catalog in German, containing all official coinage
from all over the world from 1901 to 2019 (commemorative coins only up to 2000).
370 countries.

Designed as a manual and type catalog, it includes all coins
world as well as their current market prices. The price ratings come from
recent auction results and consolidated market observations.

The 47th revised and expanded edition takes into account the latest
scientific knowledge, closes gaps and expands the
Depth of information.

Over 2200 pages, more than 16,000 original size illustrations and
around 30,000 coins with grades in up to four grades
make this work a must for the world coin collector.