Ultrasonic cleaner


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Ultrasonic cleaner
• Gentle cleaning process with water or cleaning agent

• Stainless steel container

• Fine-mesh plastic insert basket as well as watch and CD/DVD holder

• Hinged lid with large viewing window

• Capacity: 550 ml

• LCD display

• 5 time intervals adjustable

• Electrical connection (Euro plug)

• 206 x 175 x 147mm

For best results, we recommend our coin cleaner (order no. 8015) for cleaning your coins.
For gentle and hygienic
Cleaning coins, watches, jewelry, glasses, CDs/DVDs, razor heads,
Cutlery, dentures and much more through ultrasound waves.

The ultrasound creates the smallest pressure waves in the
Allow millions of tiny air bubbles to form in the cleaning liquid.
By bursting them, surfaces are thoroughly cleaned
and even the dirt gets into the tightest corners and smallest recesses
completely removed with this procedure and from the solution
system LINDNER
Suitable for: All coins