Signoscope T1


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The proven professional device. Watermark or none, falling or rising...

You can now check watermarks more elegantly, more accurately and without risk to the brands.
The stamp catalogs show the differences and the SAFE Signoscope brings them to light.
Discover your treasures. It's all so simple. And it happens so quickly.
You simply place the stamp in your Signoscope.
If your brand has a watermark, you will see it. In every detail. You'll see watermarks that you never discovered using yesterday's methods. Or not so fascinating in contrast. Not that spicy.

Signoscope also check the degree of preservation, detect paper irregularities, quality defects, repairs and the like.

Dimensions: 200 x 90 x 140 mm.

For battery operation you need 5 batteries order no. 9878 or the mains transformer order no. 9887.