Collection box with 3 compartments including 8 variable bars


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This collection box, for example, is ideal for storage
of a total of 12 100 euro gold coins Germany in the original case or
for storing clocks, Ü-egg figures and other collector's treasures.

The LINDNER collection boxes can be stacked with LINDNER coin boxes and LINDNER d-boxes.

...for your treasures and valuables.

3 compartments, internal dimensions: 3 x 65 x 280 mm, height 29 mm.
With 8 bars for flexible division of the 3 compartments.
In two versions: standard (2403) and smoked glass (2463)
Internal dimensions: 220 x 280 mm, height 29 mm.
External dimensions of the LINDNER collection boxes: height 40 mm, width 236 mm, depth 303 mm.

Orders, minerals and medals find the right place here, watches and jewelry, pewter figurines, pill boxes, valuable buttons and lighters, selected collectible cars, silver and gold bars, exquisite holiday souvenirs and much more. With three different compartments and flexible subdivision systems, the collection boxes offer numerous possibilities.