Coin box 35 compartments for CAPS 28+ CAPS 27


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This coin box is equipped with a dark red insert. The drawer for this insert is decorated in a smoke-colored tone. These coin boxes are specially designed for lighthouse coin capsules, you can easily insert and remove the capsules. The 35 round compartments can be used for coin capsules with an outer diameter of up to 34 mm (CAPS 28 or, with some space, the CAPS 27). The CAPS 28 capsule is intended, for example, for the following coins: Susan B. Anthony $, Sacagawea $, 1/2 Oz. Austria Philharmonic Gold or for the 100 $ Can. Gold.
The CAPS 27 is for the 2 DM, 2 Mk Weimar, 2 Zloty, 1 US $, 2 Sfr., 1/2 Oz.South Africa/Krügerrand Gold, 1/2 Oz.($25) USA/American Eagle Gold + Platinum or for the 1/2 Oz. China/Panda Gold coins.
External format (W/L/H) 236 x 303 x 20 mm.