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Multi collect album + protective cassette

Collect in a variety of ways with our multi-talent.
This album lives up to its name. Because collectors will find one here
Large selection of sheets with a variety of pocket versions
offer a wide range of possible uses.

For example for: stamps, small sheets, FDCs, ETBs, small sheets,
Yearbooks, stamp booklets, postcards, banknotes, coins and
Phone cards. The crystal clear Multi collect leaf variants are from
to fill one page. This allows the front and back
receipts, stamps, postcards, banknotes, etc. can be considered.
The black Multi collect leaf variants can be used from both sides
be equipped. The characteristic slide system at the
Coin sheets guarantee particularly practical functionality.
Entire series can be easily pulled out, added to and replaced.
The typical 4-ring mechanism of the padded Multi collect ring binder
guarantees easy handling and the binder is impressive
high capacity. The spacious back window offers enough
Space for listing the content.

burgundy, brown, blue, green and black
Multi Collect
foamed plastic film padded and welded
Number of sheets
scope of delivery
Ring binder empty + protective box
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