LED digital magnifier "Portable"


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From 2x to 40x magnification.
Up to 250 times with your TV.

Ideal for banknotes, stamps, coins, artwork, antiques, small print, etc.
With this digital magnifier you can really see everything. Built-in LEDs ensure
for perfect, shadow-free illumination of the template.
7 color representations are available. Also practical for on the go.

Never before have you been able to make such precise changes on a 5-inch screen and view them in peace.

· Lithium-ion battery (4 operating hours)
· Fold-out stand
· Incl. 230 V power supply
· Video cable
· Transport bag
· Microfiber cloth
· Operating manual

Dimensions: 160 x 85 x 25mm.

The LED microscope is also a proven, indispensable reading aid for all types of written surfaces.