Country labels with gold writing Austria and much more


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Lighthouse labels self-adhesive

This DINA 4 sheet consists of the following labels:

2x Andorra, 6x France,
4x Monaco, 2x Mayotte,
2x Nouvelle Caledonie, 2x Polynesie Francaise,
2x Reunion, 2x St. Pierre et Miquelon,
2x TAAF, 2x Wallis et Futuna,
2x carnets, 2x mini feuilles,
2x Croix Rouge, 1x Colis Postaux,
2x Alberie, 2x Maroc,
2x Tunisia,
6x Italia, 2x San Marino,
4x Vaticano, 6x Espana,
2x Portugal, 1x Acores,
1x Madeira, 6x Helvetia,
3x Liechtenstein, 6x Austria, 3x miniature sheets,
2x Pro Juventute, 2x Pro Patria,
2x se-tenants, 53 Roman numbers I-XXI,
5x FDC, 5x ETB,
Sign for mint never hinged and stamped.