Country labels with gold writing Canada, USA and much more


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* Lighthouse labels self-adhesive
* This DINA 4 sheet consists of the following labels:
* 2x Argentina, 6x Canada,
* 1x British Antarctic Territory,
* 2x Falkland Islands, 3x Mexico,
* 1x Netherlands Antilles,
* 1x Netherlands Indie,
* 2x Suriname, 12x USA,
* 4x Australia,
* 1x Australian Antarctic Territory,
* 1x Ross Dependency,
* 1x Cocos (Keeling) Islands,
* 6x China, 2x Hong Kong,
* 2x Indonesia, 3x Macau,
* 3x New Zealand, 3x Nippon,
* 2x Singapore, 3x Taiwan,
* 2x Thailand, 2x Algeria,
* 1x Bophuthatswana, 1x Ciskei, 4x Egypt,
* 2x VAR, 4x Israel,
* 3x India, 2x Maroc,
* 1x Nigeria, 3x South Africa,
* 2x Suid Africa, 2x South West,
* 2x Africa, 1x South Africa,
* 2x Namibia, 1x Transkei,
* 1x Venda, 1x Zaire,
* 2x Congo, 2x Zimbabwe,
* 53 Roman numerals I-XXI,
* 5x FDC, 5x ETB,
* Mark for mint never hinged and stamped.