Large German coin catalog from 1800 to today


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Verlag Battenberg (35th edition 2019/2020), approx. 700 pages, hardcover

First day of sale: end of October 2019

Further information

  • 35th updated edition, completely revised and expanded
  • All innovations recorded and currently evaluated

The coins of the German states and cities since 1800 are in this
Standard reference work can be found seamlessly using 137 search terms
Market prices are updated for the different preservation levels
and differentiated individually according to years and mints. Over 3000
Coins are shown with the front and back in their original size.

This catalog is made primarily for the collector, after all
He would like to be able to easily find a coin, name, origin and age
determine, find out the value and also get an overview of it
which coins are available for a specific area and for a specific area
certain period of time. Each coin is about the description of
Front and back, information about the mint
Mint master's mark, the metal used and the years of minting
Circulation length precisely defined.