The German banknotes from 1871, in color


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Verlag Gietl (21st edition 2017/2018), approx. 750, colored illustrations throughout, paperback, author(s): Hans L. Grabowski

Further information

  • 21st updated edition, completely in color
    (1st edition by author Hans L. Grabowski,
    former author Holger Rosenberg)
  • Structured structure with a clear system
  • The “Bible” of the paper money collector

The new standard work on German banknotes from the
The founding of the empire in 1871 up to the Euro-present, broken down by
historical eras: Empire, "Weimar Republic", "Third Reich",
Allied occupation, GDR, Federal Republic, and neighboring areas. Recorded
In addition to the notes of the German central banks, including for the first time in
a standard catalog of German paper money also includes the issues
licensed central banks in the Empire, including government paper money,
Colonial and occupation expenses and banknote-like securities and
Vouchers and occupation expenses from both world wars.

All areas have been completely reworked and individually added with their own
Number ranges cataloged and currently evaluated. A must for everyone
Banknote collector.

The catalog includes:
- German Empire 1871 - 1918
- "Weimar Republic" 1918 - 1933
- "Third Reich" 1933 - 1945
- Allied occupation 1945 - 1948
- German Democratic Republic 1949 - 1990
- Federal Republic of Germany 1949 - 1999
- European Monetary Community from 2002
- Banknotes from German territories
- German occupation editions of the First World War 1914 - 1918
- German occupation editions of the Second World War 1939 - 1945

New additions include:
- Notes from licensed central banks
- Vouchers from the winter relief organization
- Reichsmarine musical editions
- GDR prison money