50 protective covers, 156x80 mm long side open


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suitable for: banknotes
All protective covers are made of crystal clear,
plasticizer- and acid-free rigid PVC film. They are on the long sides
and welded on one narrow side. The protective covers with the
Order no. 879, 878/1, 883L, 885 L, 888, 893, 894 and 895 are on one
Long side open. The order no. 877 is additionally welded for one
telephone card and a price tag; the cover is top and side
open. The order no. 888 is intended for ETB's. Phone card cases
Order no. 877, 878 and 879. Film thickness: 0.10 mm.

Internal dimensions
Packaging Unit
per 100 pieces
open on one long side
crystal clear, plasticizer-free and acid-free hard PVC film; 0.10mm