50 plastic sleeves SH 312, 3 pockets for banknotes and receipts


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Division of 3 98x216mm
The transparent LEUCHTTURM plastic sleeves with different divisions are ideal for
Storage of e.g. banknotes, postcards, playing and trading cards as well as all kinds of documents
in A4 and A5 format. The covers are suitable for all LEUCHTTURM GRANDE binders as well as all
Common office folders with a 4-ring mechanism. The bags offer real protection through complete
Covering the inserted collectibles. Document safe (100% plasticizer and acid free).
Material: PP (Polypropylene). External format: 312 x 242 mm. Pack of 50.
Available in different versions:
1 pocket for A4 documents (No. 358072)
2 pockets for A5 documents (No. 358073)
3 pockets for banknotes (No. 358074)
4 pockets for banknotes (No. 358075)
4 pockets for postcards (No. 358076)
9 pockets for playing and trading cards (No. 358077)