10 AK sheets of 2 (350 x 335 mm) No. AK22


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  • Stock sheet larger format (350 x 335 mm)
  • with two pockets for receipts, letters and cards up to 330 x 154 mm
  • completely crystal clear, which is why the back of the contents is also visible, depending on whether the bags are single or double
  • Pocket opening at the top, contents cannot slip out to the side
  • extra stable, made of crystal clear and plasticizer-free hard film 0.2 + 0.1 mm thick
  • Suitable for ring binders No. AK2B and AK3B
  • External size: 350 x 335 mm
  • Bag size: 330 x 154 mm, top opening
  • Perforation: 4-ring standard perforation 80-80-80 mm hole spacing
  • Material: plasticizer-free rigid PVC film