A motif as a testimony to history!

Posted by Oliver Eckl on

The historical significance of a motif that expresses the attitude to life at the time fascinates many collectors of old postcards.

This particularly includes the representation of scenes, buildings and landscapes from the history of the development of a town or region.

Historical postcards in particular often offer more than just interesting views. The texts found on the back often reveal a lot of the attitude to life of bygone times and significantly increase the value of old times. The message of the pictures on the front is often successfully supported by the greetings on the back and offers completely unexpected insights. They are a testimony to life many decades ago. In many cases it is the family-related images that determine the special viewing value of the old postcards. Family portraits in front of your own house are also part of the wide range, as are the well-known soldier pictures and, of course, pictures of towns and interesting scenic spots in the relevant region.

There are so many interesting collecting goals that can range from tracking the history of a city or region to broad collections on entire countries.
The value is determined by the overall significance, style and photographic quality . In addition to the age, the motif is crucial for the value of the card.