The beginning!

Posted by Oliver Eckl on

Many beginners in stamp collecting ask themselves whether stamp collecting is still worthwhile and whether stamp collecting is a good investment. In general, certain stamps have an increase in value.

However, if you collect stamps correctly, you don't just start receiving regular deliveries from the post office. Rather, most stamp collecting guides are about finding old stamp collections. Decades ago, stamp collecting was one of the most famous home hobbies. The statement “I’ll show you my stamp collection” has even become established as an ironic flirting saying. So if you manage to find old stamp collections and buy them cheaply, stamp collecting can be a more than lucrative affair. It's very easy to find old stamp collections on the Internet these days. It's also worth keeping your eyes and ears open among your friends. Philatelic events or flea markets are also ideal places to go on a treasure hunt.

Some old stamps are very valuable. You can find out whether a stamp is valuable using the Internet or a stamp catalog. A stamp catalog can help you quickly estimate the value of unknown stamps (but be careful, the prices stated there are more of a guideline and do not always reflect the actual value). However, good instructions for collecting stamps always contain the information that the focus of collecting is not just on the financial aspects. Rather, it's about developing an appreciation for the stamps and triggering a real collecting fever. The excitement of each new conquest is the feeling that makes the hobby of stamp collecting so interesting. If you can proudly take out your collection and proudly present the individual pieces, then you have understood the enthusiasm for stamp collecting. Stamp collecting is an ideal hobby to do at home.