Are my stamps valuable?

Posted by Oliver Eckl on

Philately: The world of stamps

Why do so many people actually collect stamps? For passionate collectors, the postal stamps are a piece of genuine history in the form of a small work of paper art. The first official stamp was already in existence in 1840. Philately or stamp studies refers to the systematic collection of postage stamps and their receipts. Many collectors now see them as a smart investment with great potential for appreciation. Selling stamps can definitely be profitable. The nostalgic following is large and is constantly looking for new stamps.

If you want to sell stamps, there are a few things to consider. Really valuable treasures can often still be found in estates, in the cellar or in the attic. There are many international stamp collecting enthusiasts who are always looking for new rarities. We'll show you how you can find out whether your stamps are really valuable and on which portals you can make a big profit with them.