Sell ​​stamps!

Posted by Oliver Eckl on

What can I do before selling my stamps?

First steps in selling stamps

If you have inherited a confusing stamp collection or found it by chance and want to sell the stamps, there are some important tips to keep in mind. The judgment of an expert differs significantly from the judgment of a layperson. To one person it seems like a baseless pile of paper, to another it seems like a profitable treasure trove. The aim is certainly not to impair the value of the brands and to sell them intact at full price. For this reason, you should definitely pay attention to the following tips. Not only is it difficult for laypeople to estimate the value of stamps, but many things can also be done incorrectly when storing them. If you pay attention to these points, you have nothing to worry about:

  • Do not remove the stamps from the album, as this could result in damage that would significantly affect the sale value.
  • Don't sort the stamps yourself. If you inherited stamps from someone, they will probably have been more knowledgeable and had a sensible system.
  • Don't throw anything away. The smallest and seemingly most insignificant stamps can have a greater value than they may initially seem.
  • Store the stamp collection in a dry place. Moisture destroys their texture and there is a risk of mold growth.
  • Protect the stamps from exposure to light, otherwise they risk fading.
  • Do not take any steps that could invalidate the stamps in any way. This means: no cutting out or removing letters. Stamps that are still attached to entire pieces of mail are often worth more than individual stamps.
  • Blocks with multiple stamps can increase the value, so do not disassemble these blocks under any circumstances.