Not all stamps are the same

Posted by Oliver Eckl on

But stamp collecting is not just a hobby for the rich. Children in particular can create beautiful collections with a few good starting points.

If you don't want to start collecting blindly, limit your area. For example by country and era. Many collectors also specialize in motifs, for example butterflies or stamps with works of art on them.

The brand can be collected in several categories. First of all, the unused, new stamp - the collector calls it "mint never hinged", just as the stamp is issued at the post office counter. The rubber coating of the stamp must not be damaged.

In addition, the canceled version is collected, i.e. stamps that have been canceled by the postmark. In addition to mint and canceled issues, whole sheets or parts of sheets are collected, first day covers, first day sheets, receipts and letters of all kinds, or even the official annual books of the postal institutions.