Valuation of canceled stamps

Posted by Oliver Eckl on

When it comes to stamps, stamped means that they are used in the sense of “used”. That's why there are many canceled stamps that are not in perfect condition. They were often roughly separated from the other stamps, stuck onto a letter, the letter was transported and then the stamps were removed from the letter and put into the scrapbook. This means that there is a full range of preservation options, especially for canceled stamps. Starting from “totally battered” to “perfect”. That's why the condition of used stamps is a special criterion when it comes to determining their value goes. This means that you have to take a closer look at stamped stamps.

In addition, there is how clean a stamp impression is, whether the place, date and time are clearly visible and - last but not least - whether a Stamp rare is. If the stamp is well chipped and has easily recognizable information, it is often referred to as a “full stamp”. Stamps with a full stamp are of course valued more highly than stamps that only have a stamp fragment.

Postage stamps that have been canceled with an event-related special cancellation are particularly valuable. If these are on a piece of paper, the value often increases again.

On the other hand, unfavorably chipped stamps can literally devalue the stamp. The philatelist then speaks somewhat jokingly of “destruction stamps”. This refers to the unpopular machine stamps and also heavily smeared and illegible stamps. Even stamps with only a small fragment of the actual stamp devalue the stamp.